Voice Calls

Make and Receive Phone Calls

Setup a Number

Choose an Inbound Number, and start turning Calls into Conversations.
Select your country, and choose from a list of available ContactGate numbers.

Direct existing phone lines at this number, or use the number all on its own.

Receive Calls

Receive calls and turn them into conversations.
Advertise your ContactGate Phone Number, or direct existing lines to it and incoming calls appear as new conversations (Just like web chat and email chat).

Answer calls directly in your browser, existing VOIP Phone or Mobile.

Get Intelligent

No more "Anonymous" phone calls...
When A call comes in, we tag it to any previous conversations, be it web chat, email or previous phone calls, and display all of the info next to the conversation so your operators can see exactly who they are talking to, and what's been said in the past.

Every call is recorded and can be played back at your leisure.


Setup teams, assign conversations, collaborate on responses.
Setup teams to handle conversations. Transfer conversations to colleagues, invite colleagues to join the chat, have update emails sent to everyone involved, and much more...

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